About Masi

    Masi produced vintage

    Masi bikes, or Masi cicli, was founded by Faliero Masi in 1950. Faliero Masi had been a professional Italian rider since the 1930s and throughout his competitive career he had accumulated unique experience with classic steel bicycles. He had his own way of suiting racing bikes to their riders and as a result, Masi was referred to as ’the tailor’. He built bikes for both Jacques Anquetil and Fausto Coppi, but as the popularity of the Masi vintage bicycles grew, many of the professional racing stars had already signed contracts with other companies. This unfortunately meant that the Masi classic bicycles were not in as much demand as the brand had initially hoped for.

    The relocation to America

    In 1972 Masi relocated his classic bicycle brand from Italy to the U.S. This relocation enabled Alberto, his son, to also work for the company. The combination of the classic Italian bicycle design and the American innovation and production methods led to some very unique bicycle designs, which can now be described as collectables. In the 1980s it seemed that the future of the classic Masi bicycles was in doubt, so the company returned to Italy. This was fortunately not the case though. In 1981 Masi produced a bike called the 3V Volumetrica, which used modern technology and was proof of the brand’s future.