About Raleigh

    Raleigh produced vintage bicycle frames

    The Raleigh Cycle company was founded by Frank Bowden in 1887 in Nottingham, beginning with the production of three bik a week. The company is also renowned for their tricycl and since the 1970s for theirRaleigh Choppers. Raleigh also produc high-end racing bicycl, having been supplier for a profsional teams like TI-Raleigh and Système U. At one time Raleigh was one of the world’s biggt bicycle manufacturers, pecially after World War II when Raleigh and other English bicycle manufacturers accounted for 95% of the bicycl imported into the USA. In 2010 the company founded a new profsional racing team namedTeam Raleigh-GAC and has already achieved two victori.