About Chesini

    Chesini produced vintage bicycle frames

    The first bike of the Chesini brand was made by Gelmino Chesini in 1925. The first model of their racing bike range, the CHESINI BICIPRECISION, was made in Nesente, a small village near Verona, Italy. In the post war period, the business expanded rapidly and in 1947 Gelmino Chesini acquired the CICLI VALLETTI bike factory and moved the headquarters of Chesini Bikes to Via San Paolo in Verona, Italy.

    The achievements of Chesini

    In 1963 a Chesini bike won the Solo 100 km World Amateur Championship and in 1964 and 1965, CHESINI also won the Team 100 km World Amateur Championships. Chesini continued to produce Italian bikes of the highest quality. Gabriele Chesini, son of Gelmino, who was a hardworking and ambitious member of the company, summarised, that ‘our real and unique intent is to build special race bikes, perfect for racer and amateurs’. Since Chesini was founded in 1925, it has continued to manufacture unique bikes which are suited to riders of all pursuits and has been chosen to represent many successful racing teams.