About Basso

  • Founder: Alcide Basso
  • Country: Italy
  • Year of foundation: 1977

Basso produced vintage bicycle frames

From a very early stage in his life Alcide Basso was introduced to the world of professional road cycling. As he was growing up, he could see at first hand how his brother’s dedication enabled him to to become a world champion.

The success they achieved

Alcide, like his brothers, also decided to make his mark on the competitive world of professional cycling. He later become a creative developer of bikes for those people, who, like himself, regard cycling as an integral part of their lives.

The role of cycling in Italy

The central motivation of Basso’s search for innovative solutions is the unique tradition of Italian cycling, which combines passion and dedication to the development of new technology. One of their first creations, the Gap, was a bicycle dedicated to Alcide’s brother, who won the World Championship in 1972. Since then Basso racing bikeswere at the forefront of the cycling world and the enterprise was driven by the success achieved by the riders of Basso bikes.

Specialist engineering is at the core of Basso innovation

As Alcide Basso himself confirms: ‘For the bicycles that bear my name I use only the best materials mainly derived from the aerospace industry, which are developed and engineered specifically for bicycle use. With these materials we have created the new Diamante, the Astra and the Laguna, all capable of outstanding performances. Every customer must have the certainty to receive a bike that is ‘tailored for him’ in every detail and component. By having the best tool, controlled with extreme care by our technicians, each individual can achieve their best possible performance.”